Live Life Wholesome.

Life is an unexplored terrain. More you explore more you enjoy. More you see, and as you start going deep you would experience, and relish. Every gifted beauty is here. You can just see it but to avail you have to explore. Those who wander, experiment, and pursue by believing that we are going to own a treasure always move on.

Life is container of invslusble treasure. No path exists you have to create the one and walk.. walk with unexitinshable fire in the belly.. More you walk, more experience you gain.

Keep in mind to see the beautiful side and ignore the ugly part. Apply this rule to tangible and tangible.. living and nonliving.. in fact to any element of nature. B’cause feeling of beauty is rooted in uglier surface.

Respect and thank everything. This results in feeling of self fulfillment and respecting others brings respect to you. More is the respect you earn superior will be your rapport and credibility. Also thank each and everything. You are no more than gift of nature and what you do is not more than eco a system around you.

Enjoy and live in every moment. Time is the greatest gift and the way you love and live in every moment of time decides the richness in life that you earn.

Just move on and on. As you move on you come across beautiful people that make yourife fulfilling. More is your commitment and determination better would be your look. B’cause luck favours the most deserved.

Accept everything as learning. There is nothing called bad or failure. Everything is self created and many times situation driven mindset.

Never get into traps of success or failure. Think and expand beyond walls. Everything continue to happen. Time passes and so do good and bad. Nothing stays but repeat like day and night.

Engage with self dignity. Respect yourself and engage with self dignity. Living with dignity and respect is a highway for living life wholesome.

Live to love and love to live. Love is supreme power and solution to many painstaking movements in life we pass by. Give unconditional love. Make loving and soreading smile as your way of life.

Never get prejudiced. Keep your mind open. Never be more judgemental. Open mind and ignoring bad past, and living every moment is the key. Momentary experiences and repeatation of such experiences result in conditioning of our thought process. Never become scapegoat of this. Try to look at patterns continuously and infer from these patterns dynamically.

Be empathetic. Try and extrapolate life from others views. As you do it you start seeing the world from many dimensional view and develop better model of the world. This makes you a person who sees things wide and in-depth.

Have fun. Your health and life gets strength as you start feeling and taking everything as a fun with great smile.

You enjoy.. love.. and live life wholesome


Never Knew I am So Sensitive..

I never knew I am so sensitive till the day I experienced the event..

My car was in garage for repair. My daughter Deepti’s in-laws left their auto-gear car for my use and they kept their another low end car for their use. What a great gesture!

My car came back with major repair.. I filled the vehicle with diesel while returning vehicle. Two days later my daughter called told me that the vehicle that I returned stopped in the midst of a heavy traffic when they were heading towards attending an auspicious ceremony. Further deliberation revealed that we gf have put diesel instead of petrol, and that was the cause for the car to stop followed by major repair. Alas! It sucks me.. I felt all time low.. no words to say. I thought always earlier that I am robust and tough person. But felt so bad. When guilt as surrounds us, we become weak and helpless. Till then I never felt I am so sensitive.

New Day brings Change.. So does Life Too..

Hope and optimism keep us alive. Never loose the two..

Life never unfolds as expected and so we face challenges. Challenges stretch us to extreme, and test our ability to cope up and our ability to stand up against all odds too. We plan according to what we see and think. But other’s acts and consequences of those acts stretch their sphere of influence to suck us. Most become desperate, few are confused, and only handful have enough courage to show. These few brave hearts are ready to face challenges and exhibit ever strong commitment to propel them all along. As they proceed, they leave behind the past.. enter the new cherishable stream.. and soothing breeze. Memory still stays.. however if sees new light and meaning.

Nothing repeats in life. Everything evolves and evolves beyond our imagination and anticipation. Always be prepared to invite unimagined and unexpected. To live, survive, and to thrive upon this dynamism, we require adaptive capabilities. More we use better we get equipped.

When problems arise, we shall think on living for the day. When good days are there, save it for future. Because good days of abundance do not be here for too long. Ensure that neither past nor future haunts you. Just focus. Never get perturbed.. persuade your mind.. instill confidence.. say in the mind that nothing is impossible and I overcome these bad moments of my life. This brings positivity in you.. you become optimistic, and move ahead fuelled with hope. Above all your endurance strengthens you. Endurance is greatest weapon to stay and succeed. When everything is dark, in the divine light of optimism and hope, endurance smiles.

Again I say.. if you loose everything then also fine. You get them back provided you have endurance propelled with optimism and hope.

My Journey into Life ..

Life is beautiful and great when we go and build it with experimentation and loving the outcomes as relishable experiences.

Nothing is good and nothing is bad but everything is a bunch of relishable experiences turned into memories with flowering wisdoms. Many surprises, many twists, many more things and events that just happen do make the life worth living and experiencing. However we are the artisans who give shape and colour to it.

What mind says is not followed by body.. what body says is not enough.. but situations and conditions that arise as we proceed make us.

All of us are slaves of situations and eco system. We are not much beyond our system, situations, and conditions. However we do not realise it. Our self motivation because of reasons unkniwn dies and we become vulnerable. Or else we limit ourselves and become slaves of our situation. We just live for living sake with no value to self or society. Boredom becomes our routine.

Good and bad are like day and night. But we have to live in space so that we live in blissful light always.